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Introducing Elizabeth Barrois by Tamera Herrell

Elizabeth Barrois is a beautiful little lady made with great care and detail. She is crafted of pure white porcelain from the Dollspart Barrois head mold and has been china painted and fired many times to achieve her delicately blushed skin tone and sweet expressive features. (I think she has a secret...) She has inset Hand Glass blue eyes from England in a lovely soft blue, and a strawberry blonde mohair wig crafted in a style with long curls, and curly bangs. She has handmade white Swarovski crystal earrings, decorated with black beads that complements her delicate coloring. She also wears a tan leather collarette stamped with the green Barrios Clemente insignia just as the antique dolls wore in the 1800s. Elizabeth stands 15.5 inches tall on the 12.5" Dollspart resin body with jointed wrists. This body is wonderful in blush-toned resin and is just delightful to pose and dress. She wears hand-made underpinnings in three matching pieces in white batiste, pin-tucked and trimmed with white Swiss lace in a floral pattern and coral pink embroidery details with a mother of pearl button. Her underpinnings are also trimmed with coral silk bows. Her chemise, petticoat, and drawers are sewn with care and she is ready for a new wardrobe fitting. Elizabeth wears white silk stockings with soft pale gold leather slippers, with a fancy detailed button on the toes and tied at the ankles with ribbons. Elizabeth will arrive as shown with an appropriately sized doll stand included. I also offer Free UPS Shipping in the continental USA. If you prefer an alternative shipping method, please contact me so that we can determine the added shipping price to your purchase. The chair and her kitten are not included in this listing. Thanks so much for stopping by Wise Woman Coterie Shop! "Where Doll Friends Meet" My Best to All, and Stay Safe, Tamera H.

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