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No longer available, Thank you S.

Introducing for your viewing pleasure, here is Miss Delphina Dehors, by Tamera Herrell.


Delphina is a darling little lady, crafted with pure white porcelain and blushed to match her jointed Dollspart body, with jointed wrists.


She has been china painted and fired many times to achieve her delicate coloring. Her inset antique glass eyes are hand made in England, shown in a soft, serious brown.


Delphina stands 15.5 inches tall, and is a delight to pose and sew for.


She is offered as is, without 3 piece underpinnings for $675.00. This includes earrings and her wig.


If you would like hand made under things to include shoes and silk stockings, with french lace and embroidered accents, her price increases to $775.00.


I pack my dolls carefully and use UPS services. Buyer pays exact shipping costs from my doll house to yours, and full insurance and tracking will be provided.


Don't miss your chance to bring home a delightful doll from Wise Woman Coterie!


Thank you for stopping by the



My very best to you,

Tamera Herrell

SOLD! Delphina Dehors, An Antique Reproduction Doll

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