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Introducing Miss Elise' Barrois, a very sweet yet sophisticated lady.


She is lovely with her light auburn curls and inset blue eyes. She is crafted of pure white porcelain and has been china painted and fired many times to achieve her blushed skin tone.


She stands 15.5 inches tall on the Dollspart body, in blush resin with jointed wrists. This body is nicely posable and Elise' stands alone on her white leather heeled lady shoes.


Her under pinnings are hand sewn in apricot batiste, pin tucked and trimmed with white cotton lace, accented with embroidery and finished with pretty coral bows. Her stockings are ivory silk and come to her knees.


She will also have an appropriate sized doll stand included.


I pack my dolls very carefully and Buyer pays exact shipping costs from my house to yours via UPS.


I love to make dolls and the Barrois head mold is just beautiful and makes a very special lady doll.


All my best,


Miss Elise' Barrois, An Antique Reproduction Doll

  • I will accept returns. Buyer must contact me within 3 days of receiving your doll. Buyer also pays shipping costs to return and the doll and her accessories must be in the exact condition as received for a full refund.

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