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Introducing Miss Penelope FG, a brand new girl in the shop!


She has a serious, and tender expression and is made of pure white porcelain and china painted and fired many times to achieve her soft coloring.


Her lovely English handmade glass eyes are a bright light brown. They complement her lovely light brown mohair wig, curled and braided.


She is 15.5 inches tall on the jointed wrist blush Dollspart body.

This body is resin cast and extremely posable.


She is waiting and ready for someone to love, and sew for her.


Available with and without underpinnings.

(Nude (oh my...) with her wig and earrings she lists for $675.00


With hand made batiste undies in your choice of trim color, enhanced with french or english lace trimming, to include a matching pair of leather shoes and silk stockings, she is priced at $775.00.


Thank you for shopping at Wise Woman Coterie Shop!

Tamera Herrell, Artist

Miss Penelope FG, An Antique Reproduction Doll

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